In Memory

Lise Budde (Lavelle)

Lise Budde (Lavelle)

Lise's nephew has passed the sad news that Lise has recently died in Copenhagen, Denmark, her home.


In 1988, inspired by Prapto, Lise Lavelle initiated her own movement work naming it the ‘Dance of Life and Healing Theater,’ and in 1997 changed it to ‘Embodyment, dance of release and transformation.’ 

She drew on her training in classical Danish relaxation and movement, Sumarah meditation as well as her practice of Amerta Movement with Prapto in Java, and turned them into a ‘holistic’ movement practice. Lise also drew on earlier studies and practices of martial arts, Qigong, Tai chi, Kung fu, ritual dance, and Theravada Buddhist walking meditation and mindfulness (studied at the Wat Kiriwong Temple in Thailand), as well as on a Jungian approach to personal development and creativity.

Lise held a MA in French from Copenhagen University, Denmark and a PhD in Indonesian from Lund University, Sweden. She was a trained teacher of relaxation and movement from the Ingrid Prahm School, Denmark, and a recognized teacher of Amerta Movement by Suprapto Suryodarmo, Java, Indonesia. She was the author of the book “Amerta Movement of Java, 1986-1997.” Her own free movement work, taught since 1988, was termed “Embodiment, dance of release and transformation.” She also made many movement and performance projects with Indonesian artists.