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(Susan) Hayes Friedman

Profile Updated: April 29, 2010
(Susan) Hayes
Residing In: Washington, DC USA
Spouse/Partner: deceased
Occupation: retired Professor of Fine Arts; painter
Children: Jason

After Harding I earned a B.A., worked in Dallas and moved to Washington, DC after Kennedy's assassination. I attended The American University and earned an undergraduate as well as graduate degree in Fine Arts and the History of Art (with an emphasis on early Renaissance painting).

I married a wonderful guy, a Washingtonian, a physician with a private practice, who also held the Chair in Women's Medicine at George Washington University for many years. Most unfortunately, my husband died in 1983. We have one son, Jason, who is a brand consultant to a large hotel conflomerate. He is married to a darling girl whom I adore.

I have filed a Schedule C (self-employment - it's not a hobby) for about thrity-five years as I am a big format figure painter, and I am represented by a New York agent and a Houston gallery. I taught for theiry-one years at the university level and am a retired professor of Fine Arts.

I lived in Georgetown for many years but moved to a high-rise downtown two years ago. The walls are floor to ceiling glass and the view across six lanes of concrete is another high-rise (mixed-use) housing the FBI and the Justice Department. I mention this becuase 'this doesn't look like Kansas anymore.'

I still work as a painter (there's no retirement age), and basically am thrilled with where I am in life. This is a great city - wonderful restauranats, theater and so much more, and I take advantage of it. As I've lived here two-thirds of my life, I consider it home.

I know the reunion will be a huge success, and I wish you the very best.

All good thoughts,