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Dennis Kizer

Dennis Kizer

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11/19/19 12:11 PM #1    

John Couch



Dennis King Kizer, age 77, left this life Novermer 6, 2019. He was a creative force who could produce something magical and memorable from whatever he had on hand. He was born in Alva, Oklahoma, on January 31, 1942, to Roma Frances Kizer and Carl Willam Kizer. The family moved to Oklahoma City soon after and there Dennis grew up and attended Putnam Heights, Putnam City and Harding High School. After attending Baylor University and Oklahoma City University, he began his career in advertsiing at Lone Star Brewery and KTOK Radio. He married Charlene Mary Craig in 1964 and together they started a family and an advertising agency, Ad Central USA. A favorite memory of Dennis' was the year their young agency won the "Best of Show" ADDY Award over OKC's largest and oldest aencies with a commercial for a small bike shop.Over the course of his career Dennis would create many memorable and award-winning campaigns, jingles and commercials for Oklahoma businesses and earn an excellent reputation for his creative and productive work. In 1983 he moved to Los Angeles to broaden his career and enjoyed further success there.

       Dennis was a singer, a multi-instrumentalist on banjo, guitar and piano, a prolific writer and songwriter, and created a vast body of songs and screenplays. The work he ws most proud of and passionate about was his Native American musical "Feather" for which he wrote and produced all the music.

        In 2000 Dennis retired to Cadaques, Spain, and could often be found strumming his guitar, painting, or creating assemblage art. In time Dennis was drawn home to be nearer his children and new granddaughter. He settled in Woodstock, NY where he contined to bring music to all he encountered.

        A celebration of Dennis' life will be held at 1:00 p.m. November 23, 2019, at the Blue Door, 2805 N. McKinley, Oklahoma City, OK


11/20/19 11:12 AM #2    

George Metcalfe

Dennis was catcher and 3rd position batter in Putnam Hts Grade School baseball team. A real hustler & motivator. Enjoyed playing baseball with him.

11/20/19 01:50 PM #3    

Judy Johnson (Ruby Brown)

Thank you John, for posting this very interesting bio of Dennis. I do remember him, I am thinking, from Miss Locke's 7th grade Speech class.  What a great career and life experiences.

11/21/19 03:35 PM #4    

Jacqueline Hamilton (Taylor)


John, thank you for posting Dennis Kizer’s Obituary. I had no idea that Dennis was so multi-talented.  I am very sad to learn of Dennis’s death.  Dennis was one of my favorite classmates.  I remember his wonderful smile and affable nature. We were in at least one play together.  

Years ago, my husband, Bill, and I ran into Dennis at Johnny’s when we were in Oklahoma City visiting family. Dennis was living in Spain and was also in OKC to visit family.  Dennis asked us to look at some of his artwork displayed at a restaurant near Harding.  We made a special trip just to look at his art. Dennis told us a story about a memory he had of me. I have no memory of ever having a date with Dennis or of a romance with him.  Dennis’s comments: “Jacqueline and I were sitting in the dark in her family’s livingroom.  I leaned over to kiss her and, suddenly, I saw a cigarette light up as someone drew smoke from it.  It was Jacqueline’s mother sitting in the same dark room, but we didn’t realize it!  I made a hasty retreat!  I don’t think I ever visited again.” 

After our visit in Oklahoma City, Dennis called me from Spain regarding helping sell his art, but I told him that I could not help him.  That the art was not appropriate for my current corporate acquisitions’ project.


11/21/19 08:00 PM #5    

Larry Zahn

Denns was always a creative, original talent. My fondest memories are of some of the stunts he and Guy Danielson used to play in class, to the frustration of teachers and entertainment of the class. I am glad to hear he had such an intersting and successful life.

11/22/19 10:07 AM #6    

Mike Dossey

Saddened to learn of Dennis' passing.  Dennis and I had maintained communications over the years, on the Harding60 board and direct.  He was intrigued that I had visited places near where he was living (Cadaques, Zanzibar), and could relate to some of his experiences.  But our reminiscing always returned to Putnam Heights baseball, and our shared fondness of that experience.  Dennis quoted Picasso as saying that one reached the prime of life at age twelve.  And that is how I will remember him.  Full of life, age 12, with a fascinating and creative life ahead of him.

11/27/19 09:55 PM #7    

Donna McAlister (O'Keefe)

Last Saturday Dennis was fittingly honored by his family including three offspring, siblings,each 6 years younger than the previous sis or brother and others.

Words were shared about that early career times he and Charlene shared.I am not sure it would have been called work as I think he played with all of the creative processes that unfolded.  It was a surprise to me to know the breadth of his journeys, depth of his studies and music.  It was not a surprise to know of the love he held for all of his family.  

The last time he arrived to join us at the annual Johnnys’ reunion, meeting/luncheon, he talked about being back in Woodstock with his son and daughters and their families and how much he was enjoying being with them.  His daughter, Amy, created a beautiful film that began with black and white home videos with his family in his very early days.  In Woodstock, Amy had coaxed him one day to tell the “whole” story.  She filmed as he talked about much of the journey’s turns. She filmed other times he was singing and playing his guitar alone or with friends.  A truly priceless scene then featured a duo, grand daughter, Jacqueline, as Dennis delicately assisted her in her learning the keyboard.  A delightful sight.` 

     During the celebration, I thinking of how fitting it was that his life seemed to have blended with words of the poet T.S. Eliot,

            We shall not cease from exploration

             And the end of all our exploring

            will be to arrive where we started

            and know the place for the first time.

I imagine several of us are already missing  What a terrific friend.  

      Adios, DKK

11/28/19 04:25 PM #8    

Judy Johnson (Ruby Brown)

Thank you Donna for posting this lovely remembrance of Dennis. Many will miss him, and many have remembered his time with us.

11/30/19 12:05 PM #9    

Jacqueline Hamilton (Taylor)

Thank you to all who took the time to post ..... particularly Donna telling us about Dennis’s funeral.  Dennis was one of my favorite classmates!  


12/01/19 01:30 PM #10    

Guy Danielson

Dennis was literally one of a kind. I always considered him one of my favorite friends . Many of my  cherished memories revolve around a seemingly endless collection of stories of pranks during the years before we were able to drive. Gosh those times seemed to drag on forever. I do know I learned a lot from Dennis about how to be creative and and kind at the same time.

I'm sure it's not a accident that that the TS Eliot  quotes from Four Quartets is one of my most favorite. I am personally looking forward to our next reunion and have chances to remember more of these precious times.

Guy Danielson




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