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Dianne Cottrell (Reynolds)

Dianne Cottrell (Reynolds)

Linda Dianne (Cottrell) Reynolds, born Oct. 31, 1942, passed away suddenly Sept. 8, 1992. She was so greatly loved by her whole family and so many friends. How can you miss someone so much? She left behind her lifetime companion, Allen Reynolds, Sr.; mother, Theda K. Cottrell; father and stepmother, Chester and Ruth Cottrell; 2 daughters, Tonnie Murdock and husband, Kyle, and Lee Reynolds; 2 sons, Allen Reynolds II and Travis Reynolds; her love, her dog Scooter; and so many people who loved and respected her. She was our foundation and constitution. To all her friends: she loved you so much. Services will be Thursday, Sept. 10, at 2:00 p.m, at the Demuth Funeral Home Chapel.



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04/25/24 06:22 PM #1    

Curtis Jones

Recently reading through some of our In Memeory/Fallen Eagles list and comments on each, I was dismayed that there were not any comments about Dianne Cottrell other than an obituary statement.  I take this late opportunity to add my comments to her page to help fill in some information about her that you might find interesting, plus maybe help others to contribute. 

Thinking back now to remember all the fun things of high school, I enjoyed just about everything…teachers, friends, band and band trips, football games, whatever. …even the Senior Prom….which turns out to be one of my best memories.  My memories of Dianne are brief but clear since she was the only date in high school I ever had.  Even though the Prom event, and her friendship, covered a very short timespan, it is compelling for me to add my comments to her “In Memory”  page since she was a very special person to me as well to many others, I am sure.

She was very special to me because she made our Prom celebration a very pleasant event from beginning to end.  Going to the Prom was not on my activity list at all.  Somehow, my homeroom teacher, Ms Wiser, who I had multiple times for English and Study Hall found out that I was not planning on going.  She let me know this was unacceptable and provided me with a name of a classmate with her school locker number (since I did not know who she was) for a potential date.  So between classes soon after, I found her at her locker, and the first impression was “ WOW –this is going to require my “A” game—try to get the words out in plain English”.  After she said yes, it took a second or two to realize she had responded in the affirmative and it eventually occurred to me ask for a phone number so we could make some plans.

Long story short, after practicing driving to her home and to the Prom event location and back to not get lost, I met her and her parents at her house for another WOW moment.  Naturally, I had forgotten to bring my camera to document such a beautiful girl and this occasion.  All that I remember is that Dianne was always smiling and in good humor and seemingly enjoying all my chatterbox stories.  I remember dancing the slow dances and enjoying the band.  I do not remember anybody else at the Prom for some reason.

I did not pursue any future contacts or dates with Dianne as it was understood from the beginning that she had close ties with someone else outside Harding.  I had already secured employment for the summer at Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone and would be attending OSU in the fall.  After high school graduation, I never lived in Oklahoma City again.  So, keeping up with old friends required snail mail or long distance phone calls.  Still, it bothers me that I never made an effort to check up on Dianne just to make sure all is well.  Her obituary portrays a great happy life, but not near long enough.  Hope these comments help to portray her beauty both inside and out.    Also, hope these comments provide evidence that Ms Wiser cared for her “C” students as much as her “A” & “B” students.

04/26/24 01:02 PM #2    

Judy Johnson (Ruby Brown)

What a beautiful tribute to a lovely lady. Time no longer matters now. Thank you for a touching memory and of the matchmaking skills of Mrs. Wiser.  Thank you.

04/29/24 08:21 PM #3    

Bonnie Wyatt (Byrd)

Diane and I were great friends.  When I ifirst met her, she lived in an apartment not far from my bome.  We frequently "hung out" at each others' homes.  I loved her mom and dad, though at the time, her mom had some life-threatening medical problems, and I know that Diane worried about her a lot.  Our close bond may have been attributed to the fact that my mom also had life-threatening medical issues - - causes kids to grow up a little faster than normal.  Though she and I did not keep up after graduation, I have thought about her frequently tbrough the years.  I had learned early on that she had passed away, but have still reminisced about our time together as friends.  She was such a sweet person.  Thanks, Curtis, for sharing your prom story - - enjoyed learning something new about her - - and you!!  

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